Thursday, February 25, 2010

Full Conference Pass to BlogHer ‘10 in NYC

What: Full Conference Pass to BlogHer ‘10 in NYC
Where: Moomette's Magnificents
ends 4/15

RULES: (Cut & Paste)

1. Sign up for my free Newsletter Updates to my blog through my e-mail Feedblitz link (on the top of my right column or let me know if you already are, in a separate comment)

2. Enter by writing a blog post of approximately 200 – 300 words about why you would like to attend a blogging conference. Let me whether you’ve ever attended BlogHer or similar conferences in the past, and how you benefited from them.

Choose one of the keyword phrases below and corresponding links to place within your post.

If you have more than one blog, you may write one post per blog url that you own. Each post will count as an entry. You will need to post your link here in a separate comment for each entry.

Your blog must have its own domain and have a Google rank of 2 or better. Blogs not meeting these requirements will not count as an entry.

3. Please use one of these keyword phrases within the context of your post, and make sure that the link is live, and works before submitting :

Link #1: “WAHM tips” and link to

Link #2: “blogging resource tips” and link to

Link #3: “product reviews and giveaways” and link to

Rules #1, #2 and #3 must be completed to be considered entered into the contest.

Please read the rules carefully before entering; a couple of them are very exclusionary & I wouldn't want anyone to do the work & then not qualify. The only reason I am posting this is BlogHer seems to be a fairly big deal in the blogging world & I wanted you to have a heads up on this opportunity. Good Luck, everyone!

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