Monday, May 17, 2010

List Two Sew Mama Sew

No International Shipping
A Stitch & A Prayer, U.S.
Annettes bunte Welt, Germany (Germany only)
the big cozy, U.S. +
Crafty Jennifer, Tucson, AZ (U.S. & Canada shipping only) +
Create and Delegate, Frederick, MD (U.S. & Canada shipping only) +
crissybell’s musings, Seattle, WA +
Eema-le, WI, U.S. (U.S. & Canada shipping only)
Face Blankies And Screwdrivers, Georgia +
jaybirdquilts, Philadelphia, PA
Kite & String, Utah, U.S. +
Knot-y Embroidery Lady, California (U.S. & Canada shipping only) +
Left Handed Norwegian Stitcher, Wisconsin
Mama Lusco Handmade, U.S. +
The Modern Day Mom, Indiana
Mommy’s Nap Time, Chicago, Il
Mountain Home Quilts, U.S.
Nichole in Real Life, Michigan +
Nugglemama’s Handful, (U.S. & Canada shipping only) +
Piece N Quilt, Utah +
The Pin Cushion, Ohio, U.S. +
Pitterpat and the Stickycat, Central FL
Pitter Putter Stitch, Ogden, UT +
Polka Dots and Hockey Sticks, Elgin,Il
Sandy a la Mode, U.S. (U.S. & Canada shipping only)
Sew What, Utah
Sleepytime Sewing, Wisconsin, U.S. (U.S. & Canada shipping only)
We Are Corrys, South Bend, Indiana

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